Updated Cow Hat Parts Pattern

Here is a pdf version of the Cow Hat parts pattern previously posted:

Cow Hat Parts pattern

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Nook Simple Touch Sleeve

For Christmas my lovely aunt and uncle (she might even say my favorite aunt) gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card. Whoo! I decided to get a Nook. My husband has a Kindle that he has been trying to pry out of my greedy fingers, so I thought it only fair to use this opportunity to get my own eReader. I was concerned that I would wish it was a Kindle, but I like it just as much. The only downfall that I see so far is that they don’t have a cover for the Nook that has a device powered light. I adore the fact that I will never have to hunt down impossible to find hearing aid batteries for the Kindle’s book light that I would probably have to sell a kidney to afford. So, until I find something I like for the Nook, I knitted a sleeve for it so it won’t get scratched up in my purse.

Your grandma would love this yarn!

Yes the color is reminiscent of a throw your great grandmother probably owned, but I bet she was a nice lady that had great taste. Why do you care anyway huh?! Your great grandmother and I never asked your opinion in the first place! Plus, if I can’t hate the color too much, I can dye it with some Kool-aid.


If you would like to make this for your Nook, or your grandma’s Nook, I have attached the pattern below! If you make it, I would love to see pictures!

Nook Simple Touch Sleeve Pattern


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Day 21

Our egg lost an eye. It was a sad day.

The egg lost it’s left eye. It was sad, but still pretty good for day 21 for a toy belonging to a 70lb dog! But I know you are thinking that the egg lays on the floor every day unplayed with. Nope. I would say it gets played with 5 days a week. What kind of play? Flint is a fan of tug of war, flailing it about in his mouth, and chewing. I have to admit: in my house, no ripping is allowed. I trained them from day one that if they start obsessing and ripping at a toy, it is taken away until they calm down. I do this mainly because if one of my pets gets a shirt, I don’t want them to think play time means ripping anything in their mouth to pieces. The first day I gave Flint the egg, after about 5 minutes, he tried to lay down and start ripping. I took it away for 5 minutes, gave it back, and redirected him to play a different way to play with it. No trouble since! He still plays rough, but no obsessive ripping allowed.

Flint playing tug of war with me.

Sid likes it too!


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A Very Portland Christmas 2011

For the best last minute Christmas shopping I have the best thing for you! Every thing is $50 or under!

Date: Saturday December 17th

Time: 12-8pm

Address: 2010 Portland Avenue


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Day 7

Flint isn’t a gentle dog with his toys. Here is Flint on day 7 trying to take his zombie egg from me. Lots of chewing and tugging later, and it still looks unharmed minus that one thread from day 3 that is loose! Feeling pretty good about this toy!

Day 7: Flint trying his hardest to rip it from my clutch.

Here’s to hoping it lasts 700 days more! We will see I guess.



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The Life and Death of a Toy

I have a lot of people ask me at shows, “How well do these things hold up?” Or, “How long do these toys last?” My usual response is that you know your dog. I am not a dog toy miracle worker that has found the secret that major dog toy manufacturers can’t figure out. Plush toys die, and much quicker at the hands of a bigger, or rougher playing dog. If your dog seeks and destroys all things fluffy and fun, Lyonesque toys will be the same. BUT they will be handmade, cuter probably, and you will have supported a small business to boot. Won’t that make you feel better when the fluff flies and squeakers die?

A "fresh" new zombie fried egg dog toy.

Even still, I wanted to record the life and death of my best selling toy for bigger dogs, the fried egg.  So there it is, right there above us, a “fresh” new zombie fried egg dog toy. The plan is to show how this toy deteriorates over time, and hopefully, be pleasantly surprised at how well it holds up. Our zombie fried egg will be at the mercy of Flint, my 1 year old Giant Schnauzer. He is hyper and big, but I think the egg is up to the task.

When we gave Flint the egg, he was cutting 4 teeth in the front. Anything cloth, leather, plastic, or in reach, ended up in his mouth. So we rolled that egg up, soaked it in water and froze the sucker. Every time he started nipping at my sweater (while I was wearing it) or pulling rugs across the room, the egg was quickly frozen, and returned to his mouth.

Flint patiently awaiting his frozen fried egg toy.

Three days later the egg looks dirty, and the water killed the squeaker, but there is no damage to the egg yet. He actually made it more more zombie like!

day 3 of teething

Day 3

In the days to come I will update you on the progress of our zombie egg. More to come!

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Meet the Staff

I realized I never formally introduced you to the staff here at Lyonesque. This seems important to do right? I had originally planned to make all of these cute ID badges for the human and animal staff alike, but lets be realistic… that’s not going to happen. So lets begin!

First and foremost, Jesse is the unoffical staff member who’s job title would be best described as “Wind beneath my wings.” Is he on payroll? No. But he allows himself to get used and abused like any good husband does.

Next is Dudley, the cat member of our staff. Right now, his job is pretty easy since we currently don’t even carry cat toys, so why does he look so angry?!?!?

Next it’s the newest member of our staff. Flint is the toy tester for large breed dogs.  I have to say, he has a pretty good job too. But what dog wouldn’t want to be a toy tester?

And finally here is Sid, our sweater and dog toy tester for small dogs. He has about the best job around. For him, toys last a long time, and the sweaters are custom made. I wish I had a tailor. Hmph.

Yeah, I left out my picture, cause who cares right? And it feels super weird posting pictures of yourself on your own blog.


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Hoofin’ in Mittens

I figured my niece needed some mittens to go with that cow hat. There aren’t a lot of hoof mitten patterns out there so I had to wing it. Luckily I found this great Kitten Mitten pattern by Alyssa Lynough on Ravelry.

They ended up being the perfect shape for a hoof mitten!! I made a couple of slight modifications for fit and shaping, but mostly the pattern is the same. If you want to make Hoofin’ it Mittens, you can find my modifications here.

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Cow Hat Pattern


My niece found a cow hat that she loved. I knit, and I hate to buy something knitted when I could make it myself for less. So, I found a great pattern on Ravelry.com that fit the shape and whipped up patterns myself for the ears, horns, and nose bits so I could make it my own, while still giving my niece a hat she would love. Go here, and you can view my original project on Ravelry and will will link you to the hat pattern I used, or you can use any hat pattern that you like.

I know my niece doesn’t read my blog, so I feel safe posting this before she gets it. I promise I will update the picture with one with the buttons added as so as I get it done.

This pattern is not for commercial use, private use only. I would love to see any pictures of hats that may be make from this pattern, or parts of this pattern!



cast on

short Row Wrapping

working in the round






scraps yarn in yellow, white, pink

less that one skein brown yarn

size US 8 double pointed needles

yarn needle

2 brown buttons for eyes

2 yellow buttons for the nose


Co 12 st

  1. Knit
  2. Purl
  3. Knit
  4. K up to last 2 sts. Wrap next st and turn. P up to last 3 sts. Wrap next st.  Turn and k to end. (12)
  5. Purl

6.-9. Repeat rows 4. And 5.

10.  K2tog, k to last 3 sts. Wrap next st. and turn. P up to last 2 sts. Wrap next st.                        Turn and k up to last 2 sts. K2tog. (10)

11. & 12.   Repeat rows 10 & 11.

13.   K2tog, k to last 2 sts. K2tog (8)

14.  P2tog, p to last 2 sts. P2tog (6)

Repeat row 13 & 14 once more.  (4)

Break yarn and weave through remaining sts and tie off leaving long piece of yarn to attach nose to hat with.



Make 2

Co 12 st evenly on 3 dp needles. Join round

  1. K
  2. K
  3. K7, wrap next st, turn work and purl back 6 sts. Wrap last st and turn. K all three needles. (12)
  4. K
  5. Repeat row 3
  6. K8, Ssk, K2tog (10)
  7. Repeat row 3.
  8. *K2tog, K2. Repeat once. K2tog (7)
  9. K2tog, K1. Repeat once. K1 (5)
  10. K2tog twice, K1 (3)

Break yarn and thread tail through remaining 3 sts . Tie off and weave in end. Leave CO tail to sew on horn to hat.



Make two.

Outside of Ear

In white, CO 14 sts

  1. Knit
  2. Purl
  3. Knit
  4. Purl
  5. K2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog (12)
  6. Purl

7.-10. Repeat rows 5. & 6. (8)

11.  Knit

12.  Purl

13. K3tog, k to last 3 sts. K3tog (4)

14.  purl

15.. K2tog, twice (2)

Break Yarn, weave through remaining sts. Tie off and weave in end,  leaving CO tail to sew onto hat.


Inside Ear

In pink CO 12 sts.

  1. Knit (12)
  2. Purl
  3. Knit
  4. Purl
  5. K2tog, k to last 2 sts.  (10)
  6. Purl

7.-10. Repeat rows 5. & 6. (6)

11.  Knit

12.  Purl

13.  K3tog, twice (2)

14. P2 (2)

Break yarn, weave through remaining sts. Tie off.


Sew ears together with knit sides facing leaving the bottoms unsewn. Turn inside out, stuff lightly, and sew to hat.

Sew nose to hat stuffing while sewing on to hat.

Stuff horns and sew onto hat.

Sew buttons on for the nose and eyes.

Cut yarn longer that twice the length of the desired length of cords. Pull yarn half way through on bottom of ear flaps. Divide yarn strands into 3 piles and braid, knotting at the end. Repeat on second ear flap.



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S. Bayly Boutique


If you live in the Frankfort Rd area, lucky you. Why? Well you have S. Bayly Boutique of course! Not only that, but S. Bayly Boutique now carries Lyonesque dog toys. Stop in and check on the new store, and say hi to Tammy the new owner.


Wed through Sat 11-4

Open late Trolley Hop Fridays (last Friday of month)



107 S Bayly Avenue

Louisville, KY  40206



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